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FKE-G: Kitchen Exhaust Purifier

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Product Description

AirQuality Kitchen Exhaust System with ESP technology are designed to extract harmful particulates and odor from the kitchen fume so that the released kitchen exhaust is environmentally friendly and pollutant-free. We use a two-stage process known as ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator), which involves electrically charging the particulate in oil and mist stream and then collecting it onto the charged cell.

What's new?

Product Features

  • Efficient purification: Dust collection plates are made of aviation-grade aluminum, providing excellent electrical conductivity and preventing corrosion and rust. Purification efficiency is significantly higher than common designs due to the large collection area and close spacing between plates. The ionization saw blade material is SUS304, ensuring that the saw teeth do not get carbonized. The discharge performance and positive ion release of the entire unit are long-lasting, stable, and efficient.
  • Safe and reliable: The use of insulating ceramic blocks with a long creepage distance meets safety requirements and complies with UL safety regulations. It has a high mark resistance index, preventing high-voltage electric breakdown and sparking. The integrated electronic control box provides multiple safety protection functions for power supply. The equipment holds a high-temperature fire protection certificate from an authoritative institute (Tianjin Fire Station) to prevent fires.
  • Wash clean and dry quickly: The new ceramic block installation process effectively reduces the residual water rate after washing. The patented design of the hollow ion cell ensures cleaner equipment cleaning and faster drying after washing. The optimized internal oil drainage system promotes smoother oil drainage.
  • Rain-proof and sun-proof: The unit has passed IP55 certification, providing good waterproof and dust proof sealing. The casing is made of zinc-iron alloy, and special outdoor anti-UV paint is used. The devices underwent approximately 500 hours of salt spray and UV aging tests. The electrostatic spraying process ensures that the paint cannot peel off easily, making it more resistant to corrosion.
  • Easy to install and maintain: The equipment comes with lifting holes and brackets, adapting to various installation methods. The left and right door opening can be adjusted on-site, with no pressure to place orders and stock up. It requires small maintenance space, making it suitable for narrow and small sites. The modular assembly facilitates faster installation, and the integrated electronic control makes maintenance more convenient. Its simple appearance is conducive to allocation and turnover.

Patented New Designed ESP cell

  • Higher efficiency: Compared to Q series, the air volume increased by 14% with DOP95%@3.5m/s and DOP90%@4m/s
  • Fast dry: The special hollow and water-conducting design allows this ESP cell to speed up drying and re-working after cleaning. Only need 1 hour to completely dry after washing, instead of conventional 4.5~7 hours