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    AirQuality Technology

Founded in 2011, AirQuality Technology (AQT) is now a leading air clean technology innovator and manufacturer originated in Spain and currently headquartered in Shanghai, PRC. The company ranks as one of the top 10 air purification brands in China and was named Top 25 APAC Cleantech Company in 2019 and Top 100 Global Cleantech Company in 2022. AQT values gratitude, excellence, and innovation, and continually works to provide healthy air for clients around the world. Designed to be environmentally friendly, AQT’s products are used in an array of markets including residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and municipal facilities. To date, the company has received more than 50 patents and completed more than 10,000 projects. AQT aims to bring the best air quality to people all around the world.

Our misssion is TAKE A DEEP BREATH.



Herver-9 company was established, mainly engaged in electronics, power supply, transformer products.


Herver-9 Group was established and set up Electrostatic Air Purification Department with brands AirQuality/Calidaddelaire.


Herver-9 successfully completed the world's largest electrostatic air purification project with an air volume of up to 3.6 million CMH in Madrid, Spain.


Herver-9 jointly established AirQuality Technology in Shanghai with Super Merit Holdings Limited. Herver-9 set up a joint venture in Hong Kong to operate electrostatic air purification of municipal projects. Meanwhile, AQT started with the mass production of ESP kitchen exhaust purifiers.


Herver-9 built Prax factory in Wuxi to produce electronic components, including power module for purifier.


AirQuality Technology increased its capital and established air purification R&D Center and assembly workshop in Shanghai.
AirQuality Technology participated in establishing Calidaddelaire Air Technology to enter the industrial gas market.


AirQuality Technology began mass production of air-conditioning purifiers with MESP technology.


AirQuality Technology establishes a dual vision: Turn any AC to a purifier and Make maintenance-free purifiers.


AirQuality Technology acquired CTA, a Norwegian Tunnel Air Purification International Co., Ltd.
AirQuality Technology Started its overseas business.