MESP Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifiers

MESP® Portable Air Sterilizing Purifiers

Portable Air Sterilizing Purifiers with micro-electrostatic precipitating technology (MESP®) work as a medical grade stand-alone and real no consumables device to effectively eliminate air pollutants, including 99+% of airborne particulates, 99.9% of bacteria, 99.99+% of viruses, pollen, allergen, and other harmful matters in the indoor air.
* Data comes from the test reports provided by SGS and Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine.

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MESP Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifiers

The real no consumables Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifiers with micro-electrostatic precipitator technology (MESP®) clean the indoor air by working with HVAC systems to effectively remove PM2.5 particles, pollen, and other pollutants. They also disinfect by killing bacteria and viruses, delivering high-quality healthy air.

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Kitchen Exhaust System

AirQuality Technology’s Kitchen Exhaust System with 2-stages spike ESP technology extracts harmful particulates, oil, mist and odors from the kitchen fume. The products ensure both environmentally friendly and pollutant-free exhaust.

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Top Projects

Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee Office, 2022

Xizi Hotel, APEC G20 Summit in Hangzhou, 2016

Yanxihu Hotel, Beijing APEC, 2014

Shanghai Disney, 2013
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AirQuality Technology (AQT) is a leading air clean technology innovator and manufacturer founded in Spain and currently based in China. The company ranks as one of the top 10 air purifying brands in China and was named a Top Cleantech Company in APAC 2020. AQT values gratitude, excellence, and innovation, and continually works to provide healthy air for clients around the world. Stay Safe and Take A Deep Breath!

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