Regional Sales Manager

Position: Regional Sales Manager (North Asia, West European)
Department: Overseas Sales Department
Supervisor: Director of Overseas Sales Department
Salary: Negotiable based on qualification, will be above market level
Location: Saudi Arabia 1, Japan/Korea 1, Germany/Spain/Italy/France 1, City location no limited
Language: English as working level, with local language Japanese/Korean, German/Spanish/Italian/French

Job Description

Based on business development and growth needs on local market, achieve business targets and promote for sustained business growth. Main products including air purification, air sterilization & deodorization, kitchen and industrial air purification, tunnel air purification.

Key Job Responsibilities

  • Being the business representative in dedicate region, promote company and solution to target industry and customer, build market awareness
  • Based on the company's strategic goals and different market conditions, build long-term and short-term development plan and execute.
  • Develop and allocate annual performance indicators, lead to achieve goals such as revenue and profit, namely achieving business growth, while effectively managing budgets and personnel/project costs.
  • Build local distribution channels, identify right target customer and build good connection for further business growth.
  • Close cooperation with relevant departments (market, innovation, service, factory) to improve customer service quality.
  • Utilize the company's sales management system to build potential pipeline and gradually win market

Job Qualifications

  • Bachelor's degree or above, major in HVAC, refrigeration, environment engineering, etc., with experience in hands-on project operations.
  • At least 5 years of sales experience in the HVAC industry, with at least 2 years of project sales and team management experience.
  • Passionate about sales with ambition to take career to next level as a country manager
  • Having ability to lead a team to achieve performance goals under certain pressure and having multiple successful experiences.
  • Proficient in strategic decomposition and have can-do attitude of down to earth to implement, and able to ultimately guide the team to achieve performance goals;
  • Excellent communication, adaptation, and management skills
  • Results oriented, data based, with fast decision-making ability.

Professional Competence

  • Background requirements: Possess HVAC companies and industry experience, have a deep understanding of industry development and market competition, and able to quickly adapt to the environment
  • Direct sales/channels sales business capability: business management capability and direct sales/channels sales project operation
  • Connection with local air condition manufacturer, air condition distributors, Mechanical and Electrical Consulting Company is preferred

Salary and Package

  • 5 days workweek
  • Medical benefits
  • Performance Bonus (2-4 months based on KPI assessment)
  • Flexible working location

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV to to apply this job.