Newsletter Issue 33

How to reduce spread of COVID-19 in classrooms? Let's learn the experience from the actions of Israel government.

Aimee Duan
Senior International Sales Engineer

Updated March 21, 2022

As a country that spent the highest ratio of its gross domestic product (GDP) on civil research and development in the world, Israel is one of the pioneers in countering the spread of COVID-19. Aims to keep schools open, the Israeli Health and Education Ministries keep searching for a good solution to reduce quarantine times for students exposed to virus carriers under the name of the Green Classroom Pilot Program.

Only the products meet international air cleaning standards and importantly do not emit any harmful by-products can be selected for a trial run pilot testing program.

AQT provided 2 products: FSA: Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier and FFC01M-AB: Wall/Ceiling-mounted Air Purifier, verified with a real effect on indoor air filtration, which removes particulate and microorganism contamination without the significant cost of upgrading mechanical systems and the maintenance of consumables. They have finally ranked the top 2 models recommend by the ministry of health and education based on the 3rd party lab’s testing report.

When Omicron waves in November 2021, the Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett authorized the expansion of the pilot project nationwide in the preschool and primary school classrooms (grade 1 & 2) and since then AQT Shanghai factory is supplying the qualified goods in full sail to ship out as much as possible. The experienced staff worked extra shifts during the Chinese New Year holiday to make sure the maximum classrooms will be deployed with the processional air filtration system to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and benefit the good health of Children.

The indoor air filtration system deployment in each classroom allows the students to return to school rather than quarantine at home to avoid partial lockdown.

MESP tech has been observed to have 99.99% of the COVID-19 virus killing efficacy in an independent research by an professional biolab in the US (Learn more).

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative in AQT, or directly send e-mail with your query to More info can also be found on our website:


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