0 space occupation + 0 material consumption + 0 noise + 0 ozone

Product Feature

• No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace

• Micro-Electrostatic technology, 0 space occupation, 0 material consumption, 0 noise and 0 ozone

• Remove 99% of PM2.5, methanal, influenza virus and other air pollutants

• Concealed in return air inlet of central air-conditioning without destroying decoration and occupying floor space

• Prevent influence on return air effect of air-conditioning with ultralow air resistance

• Clean without dead angles by three-dimensional circulation

• Reduce energy consumption, and avoid affecting effect of refrigeration and heating for filth blockage of coil

• Intelligent control, linked to fan coil, purify when air flows and stop when air stops

• Comprehensively adaptive to fan coils of internal unit, etc.of fluorine and water systems

Installation Diagram


The unique volt-ampere characteristic curve of AirQuality MESP technology makes the current gets very small while the voltage increase again. Therefore, high voltage and low current have no risk of electric shock, and there is no need to worry about the harm of ozone. The unique nano PP insulation coating technology of micro static electricity can effectively avoid the potential dangers of electrode damage and electric shock.

3 Effects in 1

AirQuality MESP technology is to kill viruses, not just to intercept them. The bacteria and microorganisms that attaches to the particulate matters can be collected and killed in a strong electric field, which can ensure the efficient removal of PM2.5 and the high efficiency of sterilization and disinfection.


Hygienic Permit for Sterilization Product Enterprises

We own the Hygienic Permit for Sterilization Product Enterprises which is issued by Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, according to the sterilization standard of the technical standard for sterilization, the inhibition rate of natural bacteria in the air need to be more than 90%.

E-Certification in the National Sterilization Products Inquiry Platform

Please log in the official website of the Center of Health Supervision National Health Commission of the People’s republic of China, https://credit.jdzx.net.cn/xdcp/loginPage/query?queryParams=info&getInput=爱优特 to retrieve the files.

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