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MESP Air Sterilizing Purification

More About MESP® Technology

MESP® Technology

MESP® stands for Micro-electrostatic Precipitator, a new generation air purification technology, which is a high efficient air filtration solution with unique intense field dielectric.

The Strength of MESP

Kill Viruses & Bacteria

Efficiently Eliminate PM2.5

Washable Filter


High Usability


Kill Viruses & Bacteria.

AirQuality MESP® technology is able to high effienctly kill viruses and bacteria with unique strong electric field. The sterilization rate for white staphylococcus is more than 99.9%. The sterilization rate for viruses (test reports of H1N1 and Sars-Cov-2) is 99.99%.
Remark: ① the test report provided by SGS and Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine. ② the test report from Innovative Bioanalysis in California, US.

High Efficiency

Differing from traditional media filters, the pressure drop is low with MESP filters because there is no need to force air through a matrix of small air passages. The physics makes its higher efficiency.

Washable Filter

The unique nano PP made filter is permanently washable with more than 10 years lifespan. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional media-filter products.
Remark: ① Caculated based on the annual average dust removal capacity and the final purification capacity not lower than 80% of the initial one.


The MESP filter works with about one micro-ampere (one millionth of one ampere) of current at 6-10 kilovolts, which always prevent from electric shock. No ozone. No any harmful byproducts.
Remark: ② According to the test reports from National Air Conditioning Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (or Shanghai General Station of Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection.), it indicates that the measured ozone concentration has not increased.

High Usability

No worry about extreme change of humidity and temperature, our products will work properly all the time.

Environmentally Friendly

Low air pressure drop makes our products working with low power supply. Plus, the filter is washable, don't need more expense for replacement and won't generate a lot of waste like traditional media filters.

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Our Product Scope

Whole house air sterilizing purification solution

We offer Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier for residential and other small spaces, and Air Conditioning Sterilizing Purifier for commercial usage.

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