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AirQuality Technology was originated in Barcelona, Spain. It is dedicated on manufacturing efficient and safe air purification products to improve air quality worldwide. The mission of the company is to let people "take a deep breath" at any time and location.

The Spanish company Herver-9 S.L established AirQuality Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. in China as a joint venture in 2011, mainly engaged in air quality related products. With an investment of 15 million US dollars, the company is considered as a rapidly growing enterprise in China's air purification industry. In 2019, AirQuality Technology was selected as one of the top 25 clean technology companies in the Asia Pacific region by GreenTech, and in 2020 it was rated as the top 10 clean technology companies in the Asia Pacific region by StartupCity.

Awards and Certifications

The vision of AirQulaity is "Making maintenance-free purifiers" and "Turning any AC to purifier". In order to achieve this vision, the company has set up a 6000 square meter R&D center in Shanghai, with R&D laboratories for purification efficiency, noise, vibration, reliability and harmful gas testing to ensure the safety, reliability and efficiency of products. The R&D center has many experienced engineers and scientists from China, Spain, Norway and other countries. AirQuality Technology is a high-tech enterprise in Shanghai with international certifications of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001 and sanitation license as a disinfection products manufacturer. Its products have been certified by UL, CE, ROHS, aftl, CCEP and LMS, and have obtained more than 40 patents and software copyrights.

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AirQuality Technology has offices in major cities in China, and has set up branch offices in Hong Kong, Spain, Norway, Malaysia, Mexico and other places. It has developed a global network of distributors to meet customer needs for high-quality air all over the world. AirQuality products are widely used in high-end residential buildings, office buildings, luxury hotels, hospitals, schools, municipal facilities and other construction fields with many project cases. Well known cases include Beijing APEC Yanqi Lake Hotel, Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics Venues, Beijing Daxing Airport, Hangzhou G20 Summit Xizi Hotel, Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge artificial island, Shenzhen Ping'an building, Guangzhou East Tower, Tianjin CTF Finance Centre, Qingdao Haitian Hotel, Sydney Royal Plaza in Australia, etc.


AirQuality Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Address: No.1199, Yixian Road, Shanghai
Post code: 200439
Fax: +86 21-60911355

Head of International Sales
Contact: Fon Zhou
Mobile&Whatsapp: +8618049737606
Email: fon.zhou@airquality.com

Senior Inernational Sales Engineer
Contact: Evangeline Zhou
Mobile&Whatsapp: +8618221736881
Email: evangeline.zhou@airquality.com

Senior Inernational Sales Engineer
Contact: M. Nassir
Mobile&Whatsapp: +8615157943366
Email: nassir.mo@airquality.com

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