AirQuality Kitchen Exhaust Purifier
FKE Series

Product Feature
High-efficiency purification: Adopting double-section plate sawtooth ionization technology, the purification efficiency is extremely high.
Intelligent operation: PMW intelligent power supply is used to ensure the stable operation of the device, and the indicator light is convenient for the user to understand the operation status.
Humanized design: modular combination of air volume can be expanded, anti-UV paint, electrostatic spraying process to ensure equipment corrosion and rust prevention, safety interlock switch, multiple electrical protection to ensure equipment safety.

AirQuality High Efficiency
Deodorizing Lamp
FUV Series

Product Feature
Quality lamp: Unique design, high temperature resistant, corrosion resistant, high transmissive high boron quartz stone glass lamp, the service life is up to about 9000h.
Dual-band UV: Use 185nm wavelength high light energy to break the molecular bond of odor, and ozone generated by 253.7nm wavelength will oxidize and decompose the odor. Quick odor removal, high odor removal rate.
Tube drawing structure: The tube drawing structure design makes the equipment lighter, smaller, easier to maintain, and more difficult to break. The spacing between the tubes is small, the intensity of ultraviolet radiation is greater, and the odor removal is more uniform.

AirQuality Kitchen Exhaust Purifier+High Efficiency
Deodorizing Lamp
FKE-UV Series

Product Feature
Multiple purification: integrated design of electrostatic filtration + UV photolysis, combined with fume treatment and odor treatment functions, and optional activated carbon sheet can be selected to meet the requirements of national standards and various local standards.
Intelligent operation: Equipped with static + UV dual operation indicator and maintenance indicator, real-time display of working status, the whole machine realizes linkage control with fan.
Safe and reliable: The key components of the UV lamp are integrated with dust collection, combined with the IP54 waterproof and dustproof design of the whole machine, the whole machine has high safety and reliability.

AirQuality Automatic washing Kitchen Exhaust Purifier
FKE-AW Series

Product Feature
Efficient cleaning: A high-performance cleaning nozzle is used to improve the cleaning effect through the combination of atomizing spray washing and self-flow washing, and the oil block is more likely to puff and fall off.
Personalized control: Intelligent control system, 24 * 7 all-weather programming, can be customized according to customer needs cleaning process of different duration and frequency, and choose different supporting cleaning system according to needs.
High quality accessories: SUS304 stainless steel pipes are used for cleaning pipes, which are more durable and anti-corrosion. The V-shaped inclined drain tray increases the amount of accumulated water and accelerates the drainage speed.

AirQuality Heat Pipe Heat Exchanger
HP Series

Product Feature
Efficient recovery of waste heat from exhaust fumes is more energy-saving for the introduction of fresh air preheating.
High heat energy utilization rate, saving more energy consumption.
The temperature difference is very small and can be used in warm or cold areas.
No mixed wind and no cross wind, fresh air is not polluted.
No moving parts, no additional energy consumption.
Straight pipe assembly structure, low wind resistance and easy to clean.

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