Breathing Fresh: Shanghai Jinfumen's Renewal for Cleaner Air and Oil Fume Purification by AQT

Sep 14th, 2023 | M. Nassir

Project Introduction

The Jinfumen Urban Renewal Project is located in Baoshan District, Shanghai. It is a large-scale commercial complex with a building area of approximately 80,000 m2 and a commercial building area of 45,000 m2. It is divided into three floors above and one floor underground, including diverse functional spaces such as catering, convenience retail, outdoor shopping and entertainment.

Kitchen Oil Fume Purification

The construction company of Jinfumen has adopted AirQuality’s FKE oil fume purifier, UV odor removal FUV, and activated carbon box FKF to reduce the odor impact of the oil fumes on the villas and surrounding environment.

There are a total of 12 oil fume exhaust points in the project. The oil fume exhaust duct is collected from the lower 1-3 floors of the commercial complex to the main duct and connected to the roof fan. The oil fume purification and odor treatment device is installed between the main air duct and the fan.

There are many real cases of efficient solutions from AirQuality with projects covering all over the country and many overseas areas. AirQuality oil fume purification devices can meet strict fire and environmental requirements, thus contributing to the national environmental protection.

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