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July 18th, 2023


On the first anniversary of the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between Hefei City and NIO China, the "NeoPark Xinqiao Smart EV Industrial Park" officially started construction on April, 2021. Adjacent to Hefei Xinqiao Airport, NeoPark covers an area of 11.3 square kms and is divided into intelligent manufacturing area, research and development living area and ecological cultural area.

After the completion of the Hefei Xinqiao Smart EV Industrial Park, it will be one of the largest smart electric vehicle industrial park in the world, with a planned annual production capacity of 1 million units and a battery capacity of 100GWh/year, and with an estimated annual output value of 70B USD.

In addition to producing complete vehicles, it will also introduce hundreds of key supporting companies to form a comprehensive industrial chain.


FFC series Micro-Electrostatic MESP AC return air purifier is a unit that cooperates with the fan coil unit FCU of the central AC system. It is intelligently linked with the FCU. The air resistance is low and does not affect the normal use of the central AC. It protects the fan and can quickly purify the indoor air through the return air circulation, which can effectively remove various pollutants such as PM2.5, smoke dust, lint and bacteria in the air passing through it.

NIO User Center of Hefei Xinqiao EV Park is equipped with AirQuality FFC AC return air purifiers. The purifiers are installed in the return air outlet of the central thus you may not be able to see it working after the decoration is completed, but they work behind the scene to provide a healthy air environment for the on-site staff and those who come to work. AirQuality FFC has been recorded and checked on the national disinfection product online platform, and has won the title of "AirQuality brand FFC electrostatic air disinfection machine".

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