Newsletter Issue 37

New product release: FAC series Intelligent Clean Air Purification System

Fon Zhou
Head of International Business

Updated July 20, 2022

About FAC

Dust, haze, bacteria, and viruses do great harm to the environment and the human body, so the ventilation system in large spaces can deal with this problem by installing purifiers, but frequent cleaning and maintenance have caused great pressure on the operation and maintenance. Through years of research and development, repeated experiments, and tests, AirQuality has finally applied the advanced tunnel purification technology to the maintenance of large air volume air system. The equipment purifies the air by itself, judges whether it needs to be cleaned by PM2.5 monitoring, and restarts the machine after self-cleaning. It implements the fully enclosed self-management air purification system through the intelligent control system.

Where to use this product?

FAC intelligent clean air purification system has super self-cleaning and high-efficiency electrostatic precipitation function that can keep air transport clean for a long time, and remove various air pollutants including particles, dust, fungus, virus, and bacteria. It is very suitable for those public facility projects like railway, metro, and airport terminals with rapid disturbance and uneven distribution of air pollution.

Meanwhile, it can also be used for indoor or outdoor air purification of high-polluting industrial waste gas emission places especially containing oil fume and mist (including waste gas treatment of welding, machining, quenching, textile, PVC molding, etc. in the production process)

Check the product webpage: FAC series Intelligent Clean Air Purification System

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative in AQT, or directly send e-mail with your query to More info can also be found on our website:


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