Senior Sales Engineer

Background information

AirQuality Technology (AQT) is a leading air clean technology innovator and manufacturer that originated in Spain. The company ranks as one of the top 10 air purification brands in China and was named Top 100 Global CleanTech Company in 2022. Designed to be environmentally friendly, AQT’s products are used in an array of markets including residential buildings, office buildings, hotels, hospitals, schools, and municipal facilities.

AQT aims to bring the best air quality to people all around the world. IAQ(Indoor Air Quality) business will significantly boom and the pandemic is accelerating this process. We believe our powerful and sustainable MESP tech could be seen as the future of the IAQ industry. If you have been working in the HVAC industry for a long time, we look forward to working with you to promote and apply AQT's products and technologies to your market through your help.

Job Responsibilities

* Deeply study and understand AQT's technology and products, and then promote AQT's air purification products in your own market
* Find suitable distributors and build a local distribution network
* Develop commercial air purification project pipelines and help distributors to run their business with AQT products
* In-depth cooperation with MEP consultant, HVAC designers, contractors and Real estate developers to promote AQT brand and products


* Have at least 5 years of experience in the HVAC industry, have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the HVAC market, technology and products, and understand how to implant the company's brand and products in commercial projects
* Better to have experience in sales and marketing in the IAQ field
* Good communication and management skills
* Self-motivated and self-driven
* Good English communication and writing skills


Any country (remoting)

If you are interested, please send an email with your CV to to apply this job.