What is MESP Technology?

MESP stands for Micro Electrostatic Sterilizing Purifier, which is a new generation air purification technology. It could high-efficiently capture up airborne particles by micro electrostatic system with very low maintenance cost.

The particle collection filter is innovative dielectric with intense electrical field. It describes the mechanism by which the MESP filter is able to remove even the tiniest particles without the use of a high-pressure-drop fiber matrix. Airborne particles are first given an electrical charge, then passed into a honeycomb of 2-4mm diameter hollow polymer flutes. Encased between rows of flutes are thin electrode sheets, which generate intense electrical fields. The polymer flute material is dielectric, which prevents current flowing between electrodes but does not inhibit creation of an intense field within the flutes. Charged particles are pulled to the walls of the flutes, where they stick. Meanwhile, the coulomb force generated by high voltage (over 10KV) electrostatic field should destroy the molecular structure of airborne microorganisms.

The unique volt-ampere characteristic curve of AirQuality MESP technology makes the current get very small while the voltage increases again. Therefore, high voltage and low current have no risk of electric shock, and there is no need to worry about the harm of ozone. The unique nano PP insulation coating technology of micro static electricity can effectively avoid the potential dangers of electrode damage and electric shock, which are traditional ESP products' weaknesses.

The unique nano PP made filter is washable and its overall lifespan could exceed 10 years with small effect attenuation. The total running cost should be much lower than traditional media filter products.

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