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IAQ Requirements of Hospital

Hospitals are the main places for treating patients, they are also places with high-density of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. In order to reduce cross infection and protect the health of doctors and patients when COVID-19 is raging, what should be done to purify the air in the hospital?

MESP Air Purification Technology


Purify & Sterilize.

Low Pressure Drop.

HAVC Systemic.

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MESP Air Purification Product Lines For Hospital

FFC: MESP Return Air Sterilizing Purifier

FCU system are more and more widely used in hospitals due to its cost efficiency and easily control indoor air pollutant and reduce hospital-acquired infections. FFC series FCU MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier is an innovative commercial air purification product. It is installed at the return air inlet of the fan coil, and automatically works with the fan coil to efficiently purify and sterilize the air. Because it has superior features such as low pressure drop and no harmful byproducts including ozone, as well as wide range of applications, easy installation and extremly high efficiency, could be the best companion for fan coil units.

Application Scenarios:

Inpatient ward Emergency center

Therapy room Refrigerated pharmacy

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FAH: AHU MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier

In the past, air handle units mainly used media filters to purify the air, such as bag filters. Now FAH series MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier For Air Handling Unit is a better choice. It solves the various shortcomings of traditional media filters. FAH’s dust collection module can be washed and reused for more than 10 years. It can efficiently remove particulate matter, and powerfully eliminate viruses(including Sars-COV-2), germs and other harmful microorganisms. It has very low pressure drop so leads to low power consumption.

Application Scenarios:

Outpatient waiting hall Hemodialysis room

Pathological Laboratory Infusion area

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KJ: MESP Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier

AirQuality MESP® (Micro-electrostatic) Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier is an innovative and powerful product. It's safe without any harmful byproducts. It's high-efficiency and low maintenance with permanent washable filter. The high voltage electrostatic field can kill 99.99% of viruses and 99.96% of bacteria, and remove 99% of airborne particles.

Application Scenarios:

Doctor Office Nurses Station

MRI/CT Room Rehabilitation center

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FFC01M-AB: Wall/Ceiling-mounted MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier

FFC01M-AB Wall/Ceiling-mounted MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier is a revolutionary air purifier equipped with innovative MESP purification technology. The filter can be washed with water, and it can remove particulate matter and sterilize indoor air at the same time. It has a built-in advanced DC fan, which is efficient and quiet, and can create a strong circulating air indoors to achieve efficient purification and disinfection.

Application Scenarios:

Doctor Office Nurses Station

MRI/CT Room Rehabilitation center

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Case Study

Columbia Hospital FCU Purification Project

As a “disinfection partner” of the central AC, the MESP Purifiers at the return air outlet have been accepted by many hospitals. Columbia Hospital in Wuxi, China is one of the users who has purchased 1,350 units FFC air purifiers. The installation of FFC reduced the hospital‘s need for liquid disinfectants. FFC devices significantly improved the air quality in the hospital and showed great attention and care to the health of staff, patients and their family.

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