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FKE-FAN-01K: Mini Kitchen Exhaust Purifier with Built-in Fan

Product Features

• Double section plate electric field, reliable performance, safe and stable;
•Tungsten wire ionization which is durable and prevents passivation;
•Integrated design of fume purification and a fan, energy efficient, low noise and equipped with a high efficiency fan;
•The whole machine is designed with ultra-low air leakage rate which makes the purification more thorough;
•UV paint for the whole machine to suit outdoor use, its quality is proved after 500 hours of salt spray and UV aging test, it adopts electrophoretic treatment and electrostatic spraying process which enables the paint to last 10 years;
•Intelligent PWM power supply, real-time tracking and adjusting the working state to ensure stable, safe and efficient purification;
•Work/maintenance/fault indication, RS485 signal output, convenient maintenance and repair;
•Small size which is suitable for various oil fume purification sites such as high-end apartments and mini-size catering;
•Available in left and right door models, equipped with oil collecting pan as standard;

Product Description

It's a high-efficient oil fume collector with buit-in fan. It can remove dust, smoke, oil fume and other pollutants in the air. AirQuality ESP mini-size fume purifier FKE-FAN-01K is small, save space and can effectively deal with kitchen fumes