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FKE-ACQ series Automatic Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust Purifier

Automatic washing and power-on start reduce the maintenance workload.

Latest ESP Technology


➦ The smart control unit makes it possible to automatically wash the purifying modules at regular intervals, effectively solving the problems of inconvenient washing with ceiling installation;
➦ Time programming for every section of washing is available, so that custom washing procedure can be made in light of customer needs;
➦ The PWM power supply module makes the product more steady, safe, and efficient;
➦ With a cleaning solution tank and pump-valve system, the product can clean better with warm water mixed;
➦ The smart control system can program 24*7;
➦ With high-performance washing nozzles, spray cleaning solution can make oil clots swell and come off.
➦ pipe systems made up of copper pipes and stainless 314 water-pipes; imported high-performance spraying nozzles.

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AirQuality Kitchen Exhaust System with ESP technology are designed to extract harmful particulates and odor from the kitchen fume so that the released kitchen exhaust is environmentally friendly and pollutant-free. We use a two-stage process known as ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator), which involves electrically charging the particulate in oil and mist stream and then collecting it onto the charged cell.

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