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FFC: MESP Return Air Sterilizing Purifier for Fan Coil Units


• High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (above 99.96%)
• High-efficiently remove air particles (remove 99% of PM2.5)
• No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace
• Micro-Electrostatic technology, no floor space occupation, no additional material consumption, low noise and low ozone generation
• Concealed in return air inlet of central air-conditioning without destroying decoration and occupying floor space
• Prevent influence on return air effect of air-conditioning with ultralow air resistance
• Clean without dead angles by three-dimensional circulation
• Reduce energy consumption, and avoid affecting effect of refrigeration and heating for filth blockage of coil
• Intelligent control, linked to fan coil, purify when air flows and stop when air stops
• Comprehensively adaptive to fan coils of internal unit, etc. of fluorine and water systems
• Certification: CE, CB, RoHS

* Remark:
① Report from Shanghai General Station of Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection.
② Report from Naitonal Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing for Air Conditioning Equipment.
③ The equipment is installed in the central air conditioner or hung on the ceiling and does not occupy floor space.
④ The filter can be washed repeatedly without replacement.
⑤ The equipment does not have a fan, so there is no running noise during operation

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Product Description

Traditionally, fan coils cannot be installed with air filtering devices, because the pressure drop of the media filter is too large, generally exceeding 100pa, while the static pressure of fan coils is only 30pa at most. There are also some projects that try to use ESP electrostatic purifiers, but ESP cannot avoid the production of harmful byproducts such as ozone, and fan coils are often very close to people, and such risks must be avoided. In addition, the ESP purifier also has annoying arc and spark which brings bad user experience. FFC series MESP Return Air Sterilizing Purifier for Fan Coil Units is the only choice among the purification solutions of fan coils. It has wide range of applications, easy installation as well as extremly high efficiency.



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