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FFC: MESP Return Air Sterilizing Purifier for Fan Coil Units


• High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (above 99.96%)
• High-efficiently remove air particles (remove 99% of PM2.5)
• No material consumption, the filter is washable, no need to replace
• Micro-Electrostatic technology, no floor space occupation, no additional material consumption, low noise and low ozone generation
• Concealed in return air inlet of central air-conditioning without destroying decoration and occupying floor space
• Prevent influence on return air effect of air-conditioning with ultralow air resistance
• Clean without dead angles by three-dimensional circulation
• Reduce energy consumption, and avoid affecting effect of refrigeration and heating for filth blockage of coil
• Intelligent control, linked to fan coil, purify when air flows and stop when air stops
• Comprehensively adaptive to fan coils of internal unit, etc. of fluorine and water systems

* Remark:
① Report from Shanghai General Station of Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection.
② Report from Naitonal Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing for Air Conditioning Equipment.
③ The equipment is installed in the central air conditioner or hung on the ceiling and does not occupy floor space.
④ The filter can be washed repeatedly without replacement.
⑤ The equipment does not have a fan, so there is no running noise during operation

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