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FFA: MESP Fresh Air Sterilizing Purifier


• Repeatedly washable filter lasts up to 35000 hours and has a big adsorption area and dust-holding capacity.
• MESP technology can purify PM2.5 efficiently (PM2.5 removal rate is 98.1%) and also kill bacterial.
• Smart link with Fresh Air Purification system and automatically.
• switch on and off by detecting actual pollution status.
• Heat recovery fresh air purification system.
• Innovative MESP technology needs no replacement.
• Thin body design for comfortable experience and easy installation.
• With realtime status indication and prompt for filter cleaning.
• High static pressure and low energy consumption with long distance 360° air delivery.
• Prax solid-state power can generate "ecological" anion.
• Easy to wash and maintain, can put back and use immediately after wash.

* Remark:
① Report from Naitonal Center of Quality Supervision and Inspection and Testing for Air Conditioning Equipment.

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