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CAP: MESP Ceiling Central Air Sterilizing Purifier


• High-efficiently kill viruses and bacteria (staphylococcus killing rate is 99.96%~99.97%)
• High-efficiently remove airborne particulates (Particle purification energy efficiency ratio is 9.28)
• Unique design, equipped with mainstream return air inlet
• Ultrathin, only 6.8cm, saving space, and easy installation
• Super energy conservation, power is less than 6 watts
• Lifetime washing of Micro-Electrostatic filter, no additional material consumption
• Equipped with pressure switch, purify with stop w/o air flow.
• Protect air-conditioning system without damage to airflow organization, and reduce cleaning and maintenance frequency
• Luxurious space, installation is possible as long as central air-conditioning is available
• Low Noise

* Remark:
① Report from Shanghai Institute of Preventive Medicine
② Report from Shanghai General Station of Environmental Protection Product Quality Supervision and Inspection

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