Newsletter Issue 46

NEW PRODUCT RELEASE: PSA Wall-mounted Sterilizer and Deodorizer

Fon Zhou
Head of International Business

Updated May 26, 2023

Ammonia removal rate ≥ 95%
hydrogen sulfide removal rate ≥ 99.5%
Benzene removal rate ≥98.5%
TVOC removal rate ≥ 95%
Sterilization rate≥ 99.9%

Product Features
► Powered by micro-plasma technology, highly efficient and comprehensive without replacements
► Full range millimeter air flow channels, more thorough deodorization
► High air flow meets the purification demand of large space
► Purify from the source of odor pollution and eliminate odor overflow
► Can efficiently kill harmful microorganisms including viruses, bacteria, and fungi, etc.
► Effectively decompose harmful gases such as ammonia and hydrogen sulfide
► Remove the odor in the toilet and restore the fresh air
► Micro-plasma deodorization technology does not produce secondary pollutants
► All metal electrode grid is used for life without consumables
► Wall-mounted installation is simple and easy to maintain

Applicable Places
Applicable to garbage disposal rooms, public restrooms, oil separation tanks in dining areas, sewage treatment rooms, sewage pump rooms in commercial complexes, office buildings, hotels, transportation, healthcare, and schools, as well as indoor living spaces, pet rooms, changing rooms, etc. for sterilization and deodorization purposes.
Note: For use in oil separation tanks in dining areas, sewage treatment rooms, and sewage pump rooms, it is necessary to measure the odor concentration on-site.

Technology Characteristics
* Plasma has a wide range of operation, and can react under normal and high pressure
* Silent discharge is in the form of micro discharge. The current passing through the discharge gap is composed of a large number of fine fast pulse current filaments.The discharge performance is stable and uniform.
* Silent discharge has a large plasma discharge area, which means that the reaction molecules are fully contacted during the reaction process, which is useful to complete the reaction.

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