Newsletter Issue 45

Embrace Changes With Innovation: A Recap of AQT Distributor Conference

Raven Huang
International Sales Engineer

Updated Apr 14th, 2023

Dear friends,

We are delighted to share the remarkable success of our recent distributor conference which was held in the charming city of Shanghai. Attendees enjoyed the exciting two-day event filled with many activities, including an exhibition booth visiting, insightful conference sessions, a distributor gala dinner, training, onsite project visiting, city sightseeing, and a Huangpu River Cruise Buffet Dinner.

During the event, they had the opportunity to explore our latest products and services at the exhibition booth, participate in informative conference sessions, and connect with other like-minded individuals during the distributor dinner. 2 brand-new technologies including Micro-plasma and MESP Pro were officially released in the conference, which aroused great attention from the participants.

The training section was extended as more details were discussed among the guests.

The onsite project visits provided a chance for our distributors to witness AQT’s products and services, which was a valuable experience for many.

City view from Huangpu River Cruise was quite delightful as the guests had immerse themselves in the local culture. The shining city illumination along the Huangpu River and the typical architecture of various countries put a remarkable ending to this unforgettable journey.

The distributors expressed their feelings toward this event with satisfaction as "well-planned and executed". The positive feedback from our valued guests is the greatest encouragement to us, it's hoped that more events could be organized in the future, so we could have opportunities for closer communication and idea exchanging.

It was a pity that some of our close distribution partners couldn't join us this time, we're looking forward to meeting them in person in the next conferene.


AQT International Sales Team


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