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2023 AHR EXPO Exhibition | AQT leads new air purification tech

International Sales Engineer

Updated Feb 23, 2023


The annual refrigeration industry event ‘AHR Expo’ was held at the Georgia World Conference Center from February 6-8th, 2023. As an international platform, the exhibition has played a huge role in promoting the emergence of new products for HVAC and air purification industries which included wide application of new technologies. It has become the world's top 3 largest HVAC exhibitions, together with the Milan HVAC and Smart Home Exhibition (MCR) in Italy and the Frankfurt HVAC and Kitchen&Bathroom Exhibition (ISH) in Germany. Every year, it attracts tens of thousands of insiders and professional visitors to gather for observation and discussion on the future and development trend of the industry.

AirQuality Technology in 2023 AHR Expo Atlanta

AirQuality is one of the world's top 100 clean technology enterprises, its services include the air environment management in commercial office buildings, hotels, shopping malls, industrial workshops and other fields. It manufactures and promotes high-end technologies and products in the fields of purification, disinfection and deodorization with the help of AHR exhibition.

New Products

At this AHR exhibition, many of AirQuality's new products made their debut overseas, including HAP air duct purifier, FAH air handling units dust remover/sterilizer, FSA wall mounted air purification system that suits campuses. The new products all adopt Micro Electrostatic MESP technology that can purify and disinfect at the same time with washable filters. AirQuality pays attention to efficiency, energy conservation and consumption-free filters, to meet the needs of high-end users around the world.

Leading E-filter Technology

The MESP products have been widely used in the commercial and household markets. However, the development of AirQuality is far more than that. The upcoming Ultra-fine electrostatic ‘pro’ technology that pursues "washing once every ten years" and the Micro-plasma technology that solves the odor removing demands also made their debut at the exhibition.


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