Newsletter Issue 41

How Can We Improve The Disinfection of Isolation Wards?

Fon Zhou
Head of International Business

Updated Nov 23, 2022

The situation of epidemic control is grim, the whole country is making efforts.

The state has invested many resources on epidemic prevention measures. In general the people cooperated with the epidemic prevention policy, and some families have also purchased air disinfectors. As an enterprise specializing in the production of air disinfectors, AirQuality Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. different departments cooperated closely to provide air disinfection solutions for many shelter hospitals and isolated hotels, and delivered air disinfection equipment as scheduled.

Case introduction

In the 1st half of the year, AirQuality quickly responded to the need of isolated hotels in Guangzhou, providing customers with an exhaust disinfection and purification scheme. The owner was very satisfied. AirQuality MESP technology is highly effective in sterilization and disinfection. The viruses will not remain in the filter screen, has no consumables *, zero ozone *, is easy to maintain and safe, it can provide a solid backing for quarantine hotel epidemic prevention.

In the 2nd half of 2022, more AirQuality air duct purifiers were purchased for other 4 buildings for air exhaust disinfection of isolation rooms (places containing bacteria and viruses). The site photos are as follows:

Our Mission to Fight Against The Epidemic

AirQuality's sterilization and disinfection program continues to contribute to the epidemic prevention work, hotel purification scheme looks like the following.

Isolate The Hotel Exhaust System: The isolated room is ventilated through the toilet, and an independent exhaust duct is set up. All exhaust ducts are connected to the roof for air discharge.

Exhaust Air Disinfection Solution: The MESP disinfection purifier shall be installed on each exhaust pipe.

Since the COVID-19 break out in January 2020, AirQuality has been insisting on air disinfection and fighting against the epidemic. AQ people, together with the efforts of multiple partners, sent air disinfectors to various hospitals and epidemic prevention wards.

The professional sales engineers of AirQuality are available all over China and even overseas. They cooperate with customers to survey the site to provide model selection schemes and trustworthy services.

For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact your sales representative in AQT, or directly send e-mail with your query to More info can also be found on our website:


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