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What's the Best Return Air Purification Solution For Hospital?

Fon Zhou
Head of International Business

Updated Sep 29, 2022

Hospitals are the main places for treating patients, they are also places with high-density of bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms. In order to reduce cross infection and protect the health of doctors and patients when COVID-19 is raging, what should be done to purify the air in the hospital?

What kind of air conditioning system are widely used in hospitals?

Infections can happen in hospitals in many ways. We will mainly talk about the spread of COVID-19 - aerosol transmission, which has a great impact on us. Because it is directly related to hospital-acquired infections. Air conditioning and ventilation system is the most dangerous way of air infection in the hospital.

According to the concentration degree of air handling equipment, there are usually two types of air conditioning and ventilation systems in public facilities: centralized air conditioning system and semi-centralized air conditioning system.

As the centralized air conditioning system is an all air system, the air in the ward or doctor's office will be sent back to the air handling unit by the return air system, mixed with the fresh air, and then sent back to the room again. There are pathogens of airborne diseases in the space, which is likely to cause cross contamination through the AC system, Most of these are prohibited from use during the epidemic situation.

The semi-centralized air conditioning system is widely used in hospital wards and doctor's office areas. The fan coil unit in independent areas does not need to return the indoor air to the air handling unit to avoid cross infection, but it cannot avoid the infection of people in the space. If patients carry viruses, the virus content in the air will continue to increase, thus increasing the risk of infection to patients or doctors in the same space.

Due to the increasing attention paid to the need of preventing the spread of pathogenic aerosol, the semi-centralized air conditioning and ventilation system has gradually become the mainstream AC and ventilation system in hospitals.

How can the semi-centralized air conditioning and ventilation system achieve efficient purification and sterilization to ensure safe and healthy air?

FFC Series MESP FCU Return Air Purifiers (FFC) is probably the best choice and is one of the fastest-growing application products of AQT in the hospital industry. Many hospitals in China have installed and applied FFC, and large and medium-sized hospitals often purchase thousands of FFC purifiers at one time.

FFC Series FCU Return Air Purifiers is not only a purifier but also a sterilizer. It uses Micro Electrostatic MESP technology that kills 99.99% of COVID-19 in space. It can both remove the dust and sterilize the air , which are not available in traditional UV germicidal lamps, HEPA filters and ESP purifiers. This return air purifier/sterilizer is concealed inside the return air grille of each fan coil unit in the hospital to achieve circular three-dimensional disinfection in the space. A recent third-party test report shows that there is no pathogen residue in the air purified by FFC, and almost no any alive pathogen can be found in the FFC filter.

Learn more about FFC Series FCU Return Air Purifiers

Case Study

As a “disinfection partner” of the central AC, the MESP Purifiers at the return air outlet have been accepted by many hospitals. Columbia Hospital in Wuxi, China is one of the users who has purchased thousands of FFC air purifiers. The installation of FFC reduced the hospital‘s need for liquid disinfectants. FFC devices significantly improved the air quality in the hospital and showed great attention and care to the health of staff, patients and their family.

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