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AQT products have been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Education and takes 80% share of the school project

Aimee Duan
Senior International Sales Engineer

Updated August 10, 2022

In order to combat the impact of COVID-19 on schools and protect children, the Israeli Ministry of Education launched the GREEN CLASSROOM Project, the main idea of which is that the government will fund heavily to support the purchase of air disinfection purifiers in schools across the country. Thanks to excellent performance in the pilot project, AQT earned first recommendation position. We have done our best to continuously manufacture and supply best products, currently there are lots of AQT wall/ceiling-mounted air sterilizing purifiers installed in thousands of classrooms in Israel.

How the news reported this GREEN CLASSROOM Project? And how's the effectiveness from the point view of the clients?

On June 27th, there is an interview article regarding AQT solution that fights against the coronavirus in closed spaces.

The article cited Prof. Angel Forgador, Dean of the Faculty of Public Health at Ben Gurion University, that "The coronavirus and other pathogens may threaten the health of those staying in closed spaces and cause infection and diseases. That is why many researchers in the world are looking for a solution that will ensure cleaner air. Air purification with new technology is an important step in reducing infection rates and the incidence of corona and other diseases. The problem is not only the coronavirus that leads to high infection rates, but other respiratory viruses that over the years cause morbidity in an increasingly dense population, because of their ability to pass from person to person through the respiratory system and especially in closed spaces."

Classroom is closed space for kids and the teachers. Despite of coronavirus, there are other diseases in the airborne pollutant which will cause a sick leave, not only for kids, but the teachers as well. The Public spaces, especially K-12 schools, are the spaces that urgently require air filtration systems.

The US government newly released National COVID-19 Preparedness Plan and the administration has provided a historic investment of $130 billion from the American Rescue Plan to reopen schools. The biggest part will be used in improving school ventilation and installing air filtration equipments. It is expected that other governments will follow the US government's approach.

How does MESP differ from other methods?

There are conventional filtration methods made of cloth fabric, paper or other high density material for the air conditioning systems or the stand alone air purifiers. But why the Israeli Ministry of Health finally chose AQT MESP technology products?

As the interviewed air conditioner system engineer said: "The old method is based on a dedicated air filter that limits the passage of air, creates heavy changes in existing air conditioning systems and causes high energy consumption for the operation of the HEPA filter. Those systems created challenges such as noise, high maintenance costs that include filter replacement and environmental pollution.”

MESP technology products have been widely applied in numerous commercial applications for many years as they're designed for integration into existing air conditioning system and their upgrade, without the need for structural change. What’s more, you can remove the filter at anytime and wash it with normal tap water for reusing them for many years with no fear of viruses remaining alive.

“250 kinder-garden in Ashdod installed with air filtration systems. With the operation of these filtration devices, they reduce the infection rates and the incidence of corona and other diseases.” Said the Mayor of Ashdod, the port city of Israel.

FFC01M-AB: Wall/Ceiling-mounted MESP Air Sterilizing Purifier
Specialized in classroom air quality solution

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