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Protect 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics “Ice Cube” with MESP Air Curtain Purifier

International Sales Engineer

Updated Feb 18, 2022

Beijing Winter Olympic Games will begin soon with the arrival of Spring Festival. This year, Beijing will become the only "double Olympic" city in the world to host the summer Olympic and the Winter Olympic Games.

After comprehensive redesign and construction, the National Swimming Center can now be transformed from "Water Cube" to "Ice Cube".

This will be the first Olympic venue in the world that sets up a track above the swimming pool, it is also the only Olympic venue that can convert freely between water and ice events.

The current pandemic combined with the high flow of people inside the venue has given the project team tough challenges to solve the indoor air quality problem. This problem was handed over to the Beijing Aikesi Environmental Engineering Co., Ltd.

AirQuality’s air disinfections devices use MESP Micro Electrostatic Technology. It is able to do two functions at the same time; both high-efficiency dust removal and air disinfection. In addition, it has the advantages of no ozone, no spark/arc and no consumables.

The solution was installing air curtain purifiers on the main Entry/Exit channels of S1~S4 & N1~N4 to become the main barriers that block the pollution between the venue and the outside world.

For the venue stand (a relatively dense people area), air supply purifiers are installed under the stand seats. The purifiers are cylindrical shape and integrated with the air supply outlet. It has low wind resistance, low energy consumption, energy storage, high-efficiency dust removal and sterilization, which ensures the air quality in the grandstand area.

For other areas with large spaces and poor air circulation inside the "Ice Cube", some high-tech air purifier robots that can move freely have been put in operation.

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