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What's the best HVAC air filtration solution for hospital amid and post pandemic

Fon Zhou | June 22, 2021

Medical and health institutions are the frontlines facing high risk of virus infection when it comes to treatment and control of the epidemic. Because the offices and buildings of large medical institutions usually use central air conditioning and ventilation system, and the closed environment of central AC system is suitable for germs and other microorganisms to reproduce and spread, the virus will be transmitted to all parts of the room through the AC system.
The hospital has always been concerned with the number of bacteria in the air, and did not issue requirements for PM2.5 and other pollutants such as formaldehyde, TVOC, ozone, and odor. Nowadays, the additional control requirement of particulate matters PM2.5 and other pollutants has changed the traditional hospital air standard.

What kind of air clean standard and requirement needed in hospital?

•Control the PM2.5 concentration in the hospital air to reach the health limit of 10 mg/m3 proposed by the World Health Organization.
•Further dynamically control the number of bacteria in the air to meet relevant hygiene standards.
•Effectively control the formaldehyde, TVOC, ozone and other pollutants in the air of all hospital departments to reach international quality standards.
•Ensure that each department get enough amount of fresh air, and strictly control the PM2.5 concentration in the fresh air (less than 10 mg/m3).
•Control all purification devices and ensure that they do not produce secondary pollutants.
•Adjust air humidity, negative ion concentration and other air quality elements according to patients needs.

In the indoor air clean industry, HEPA filter is most widely used. But HEPA has some weakness:

•Need to replace constantly, not cost-efficient for long term use
•Can not sterilize the air so perhaps cause secondary pollution
•High power consumption due to its high pressure drop

AQT uses Micro Electrostatic Precipitator Technology (MESP, a high efficient filtration that purify the air with unique intense field dielectric.) which enables it to not just purify but also disinfect. We offer a full range of air purification product lines with MESP tech including Portable types and Air Conditioning types (AC types need to be installed on AC system and work with them). They are available for both home & commercial use since 6-7 years ago. Main distinct features of MESP products include:

•Washable (thus cost-efficient and environment-friendly)
•Kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria
•10 times dust-removal efficiency compared with conventional ESP filter
•Low pressure drop thus energy efficient
•Low noise
•No arc and spark
•Safe without any harmful byproducts

What's the AQT's air filtration solution for hospital projects? In this area what strength does MESP have?
Please click below link to download a technical solution document: Link

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