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What is air conditioning purification? Watch this video.

Fon Zhou | Feb 1, 2021

People have always been striving towards getting a clean indoor air environment.

The main factors that affect the quality of indoor air purification are: the one-time purification efficiency of the filter, the number of air cycles and the room airtightness.

Purification quality = [1-(1-purification efficiency) number of air cycles] × airtightness coefficient

For example, if the indoor PM2.5 concentration is 1000, and the one-time filtration efficiency is 80%, then after 1 air cycle the concentration lowers to 200. It lowers to 40 after the 2nd air cycle, and to 8 after the 3rd. By the end of the 6th cycle, the concentration is only 0.064.

In residential areas, there are usually high-volume natural air circulation channels indoors.

That is the air conditioning system. The indoor air conditioning systems has enough air flow which ensures it can circulate the air 6-8 times to reach the desired temperature.

We can install the purifier into the air-conditioning system and use the system to get enough air circulations. We call it air conditioning purifier.

The air-conditioning purifier that is made with micro-electrostatic precipitating technology has very low resistance and high purification rate for PM2.5, bacteria and viruses.

The purifier has many forms and can be installed on various air-conditioning systems, such as air-handling units, fan coils, air ducts and others. It has unique features of no floor space requirement, no consumables, and no noise.

The power consumption is minimum, using only 1 kWh monthly. In addition there is no ozone released from the purifier which make the sterilization harmless. It can deliver the safe coexistence of man and machine. At the same time, it can also protect the fins of the air conditioner from getting dirty and clogged, thus avoiding the inconveniences of frequent cleaning.

Air-conditioning purifiers can be flexibly installed on air handling units, fan coils and air ducts. By utilizing the air-conditioning system's multi-cycled air, the purifiers can deliver the best air quality.

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