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Effective disinfection of the KJ Series Air Purifiers With SGS Test Reports

M. Nassir | Jan. 15, 2021

AirQuality Portable Air Purifier (KJ Series) is an innovative product. KJ Series utilizes MESP™, which stands for Micro-electrostatic Precipitator, a new generation air purification technology that can efficiently capture up airborne particles with low maintenance by using permanent washable filter. MESP technology is upgraded from ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator which has 10 times less of clogging capacity). MESP Purifiers are safe and does not produce any harmful byproducts such as ozone. Its high voltage electrostatic field can disinfect the air from viruses and bacteria.

Below are the main product features of KJ Series:

• Efficient removal of particulate pollutants such as PM2.5, virus, bacteria, pollen, allergen
• High Sterilization rate: Kill 99.99%+ viruses and 99.96% bacteria, remove 99%+ air particulates
• No consumables: Washable filter which does not need replacing, lifespan is up to 10 years
• Keeps the air fresh by releasing negative ions.
• Can be equipped with Japanese made M8 methanal filter
• "Surface design" of front panel expands bottom air volume
• Low running noise, as low as 34dB in silent mode
• Built-in particle sensor: Displays air quality, regulate air speed and prompt of cleaning
• Safe: The MESP filter works with about 1 mA current at 6-10 kV which prevent electric shock, no ozone.
• Low air pressure drop which makes the energy consumption minimal
• Magnetic buckle panel is easy to disassemble, assemble and clean

AirQuality KJ Series is very popular in China, especially during this devastating Covid-19 pandemic in the past few months. Many hospitals and hotels are using it to purify and disinfect the air to fight the pandemic and provide healthy air, including the appointed hospitals (Huoshenshan and Leishenshan) which admits Covid-19 infected patients in Wuhan and other cities. AirQuality also donated lots of KJ Portable Air Sterilizing Purifiers to places outside China that are affected by Covid-19 such as Malaysia and Thailand.

AirQuality has a certificated medical sterilization device manufacturer issued by Health Supervision Center of National Health Commission. Our KJ Portable Series recently got a detailed test report from SGS, a well-known Swiss inspection, certification and testing organization. It is worth mentioning that the report specifies H1N1 virus killing instead of Covid-19. That’s because currently no manufacturer in China is allowed or has Covid-19 test. AirQuality believes that its MESP purifiers can kill both viruses, since they are RNA viruses that have similar spreading way and dimension (80 to 120 nm in diameter). The killing mechanism of the MESP with the high-voltage electrostatic field is same regardless of the organism kind. Many hospitals in China choose AirQuality products to protect its medical staff and patients. In addition to virus killing efficiency, the SGS test report includes different data such as CADR, Noise and Ozone. Following figures show some of the testing report details:

Download the test reports ▸

Check the web page of KJ series air purifiers ▸


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