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Is MESP an innovative air purification technology? Let’s brief you some idea through a short video.

Fon Zhou | Nov. 12, 2020

There is an air purification technology, which can efficiently remove air particles, and at the same time can sterilize the air by killing viruses and bacteria. And it works very safely around people, because it almost does not generate ozone at all. What's even better is that it does not need to replace the filter material, as long as it can be washed and reused.

What kind of amazing technology is this?

Yes, MESP.

If you know about ESP (Electrostatic Precipitator), you could regard MESP as an upgrade version of ESP. Comparing to ESP, MESP have 10 times of particle & pollutant absorb capacity, and significantly solve the problem of ozone generation. Properly configured and running MESP technology can produce almost no ozone.

Please click to check a brief introduction video of MESP as below.

The Scope of MESP Air Filtration Solution

FAH:Air Sterilizing Purifier For Air Handling Units▸

FFC:Return Air Sterilizing Purifier For Fan Coil Units▸

CAP:Ceiling Central Air Sterilizing Purifier▸

FSA:Ceiling-mounted Air sterilizing Purifier(Stand Alone)▸

FAD:Air Duct Sterilizing Purifier▸

KJ: MESP Portable Air Sterilizing Purifier ▸

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Is MESP an innovative air purification technology? Let’s brief you some idea through a short video.

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