Newsletter Issue 09

Back to school is not so difficult, if with air purification solution for schools by AirQuality Technology

Blair Xiang | Nov. 5, 2020

Many schools around the world are currently tasked with the difficult challenge of reopening their schools safely, It is also critically important to develop strategies that can be revised and adapted depending on the level of viral transmission in the school and throughout the community, for International school located in China, shanghai, they choose AirQuality as a air purification solution provider, help them to overcome tough situation during COVID-19 period. And let students stay safe.

The management of school always give exacting requirements towards the facility of air purification as below:

- High efficiency air particulate removal ability
- High efficiency harmful microbe elimination ability
- Highest level safety
- Less space occupation

Fortunately AirQuality Technology provides solutions and products perfectly complying with all these requirements. AirQuality's Air Handling Unit Purifier(FAH), Air Duct Purifier (FAD) and Ceiling Air Purifier(FSA) are specially chosen to meet their needs and expectations.

Case Study

Willington is very famous international high school in Shanghai. The school is well known for its historical and royal legacy, excellent facilities, healthy environment, experienced teachers, and diversified curriculum design, and its pupils come from different countries. As Outdoor stadium is included in the plan of Willington's air purification solution, FAH, FAD and FSA series are installed in the project.

Liu Yan-dong, Board President of Confucius Institute Headquarter gives high evaluation to AirQuality purification products, which includes Air Handling Unit Purifier(FAH), Return Air Purifier (FFC), Ceiling Unit Purifier (FSA) and Amigo Intelligent Particle Detector (AMG).

AirQuality's return air purifier (FFC), Fresh Air purifier (FFA) and Ceiling Unit Purifier(FSA) were the first choice for their renovation on the Hexagon building designed by top architects. The staff are very satisfied with what AirQuality purifier brings to their working environment so much, so that they are even willing to promote our product at AQT's press conference.

With deliberation on every detail, Kaiwen Academy chose AirQuality as their air purification solution provider. The items they selected are the Air Handling Unit Purifier(FAH), Return Air Purifier (FFC), Fresh Air Purifier(FFA), Central Air Purification System(CAP) and Portable Unit Purifier(KJ).

Why do those schools choose AQT products and what advantage does AirQuality have?

1. Sterilizing viruses and bacteria
2. 0 land occupation
3. low noise
4.low zone
5. Three-dimensional large circulation air supply
6. Low energy consumption
7. Protect the air conditioner
8. No material consumables and environmental protection
9. Safety
10. Reliable

Therefore, after comprehensive consideration of efficiency, economy, convenience, stability, and environmental protection, the air purification solution provided by AQT is the best choice for schools.


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