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Green Air Disinfection Solution for Hotel/Restaurant in and out Pandemic from AQ

Evangeline Zhou | Oct. 19, 2020

'Lockdown' measures were and now are the top one option for every country that failed to prevent the Covid-19 in the first place, all industries involving travelling suffered, hotels and restaurants are among the worst hit. In Between 'eased and imposed' lockdown measures, people still are eager to travel, of course those hotels/restaurants with high standard air sterilizing facilities will be their first choice.

AirQuality, a Spain originated company stays ahead in the air purification/disinfection sector from start majorly attributed to its constant focus on R&D and innovation. At the very beginning of MESP application in air purification, AirQuality stands at the forefront of science and technology by adopting MESP technology into the civic air purification/ disinfection area.

For hotels AirQuality has developed FFC air sterilizing purifier for the FCU commonly used at the entrance of the hotel room and also the lobby.

AirQuality's FFC series features:
* Kill virus and bacteria, can remove 99% PM2.5, methanol and
* Concealed in return air inlet of central air-conditioning and match with the room's decoration
* Low pressure drop, has no effect on return air effect
* Reduce energy consumption by maintaining good performance
* Intelligent control, linked to fan coil, air purifier runs when air flows and stops when air stops.

AirQuality's FCU air sterilizing purifier have different sizes catering to various hotel rooms, timely pre-/after-sales technical support can be accessible either for new project or for old hotel/restaurant retrofit projects via link:

Xizi hotel, one of the star projects AirQuality ever participated, had received World leaders at 2016 G20 Summit in Hangzhou, China, including French president Hollande, British Prime Minister Theresa May, US president Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merke and others enjoyed their time here. AirQuality was honored to be chosen as their Air purification solution provider in their retrofit project and played a small role in such a global event. While the best thing should be it motivates us to take on many famous hotel projects in later years like Suzhou Kempinski, Sofitel Shanghai hotel, Renaissance Suzhou Hotel, the lists can last long and are getting longer with time.

Though the vaccine for Covid-19 is still in clinical trial and seems still far away to be accessible, nevertheless we know for sure success must be ours in fighting against it. We'll go on with our life and enjoy every minute of it while we can, we travel to expand our horizon and reunite with our families and friends. From an article from, China's 8-days Golden week National Holiday and Mid-autumn holiday saw domestic hotel-booking a year-on-year increase by 40% from 1st Oct. to 4th Oct. And the booking of high-end hotels had almost doubled.
Article link

This unpredictable pandemic had significant effect in human history so much so that It's easy to envision that for quite a long time after the pandemic, facial mask, hand sanitizer will be a basic necessity in our lives. In hotels/ restaurants, air sterilizing purifiers are going to be facilitated everywhere like fire extinguishers. Global pandemic like Covid-19 might be a rare event but it will cast a quite long shadow in everyone's life.

“Take a deep breath” as AirQuality's mission like a beacon, navigating us in looking for capable local dealer to bring our products to people's life at home and abroad in and out of pandemic, hotels will be very important in the “new normal” life of the post-covid era. We're more than happy to help hotels/restaurants to convince people that they'll enjoy a safer stay there with our air purifier products.

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