Product Feature

• High-effienctly kill viruses and bacteria (Above 99.96%)

• High-effienctly purify PM2.5 (Above MERV 14)

• Unique design, equipped with mainstream return air inlet

• Ultrathin, only 6.8cm, saving space, and easy installation

• Super energy conservation, power is less than 6 watts, consuming $0.2 of power every month

• Lifetime washing of Micro-Electrostatic filter, 0 material consumption, saving $1,500 in 3 years

• Equipped with pressure switch, purify with stop w/o air flow.

• Protect air-conditioning system without damage to airflow organization, and reduce cleaning and maintenance frequency

• Luxurious space, installation is possible as long as central air-conditioning is available

• Low Noise


Hygienic Permit for Sterilization Product Enterprises

We own the Hygienic Permit for Sterilization Product Enterprises which is issued by Provincial Commission of Health and Family Planning, according to the sterilization standard of the technical standard for sterilization, the inhibition rate of natural bacteria in the air need to be more than 90%.

E-Certification in the National Sterilization Products Inquiry Platform

Please log in the official website of the Center of Health Supervision National Health Commission of the People’s republic of China,爱优特 to retrieve the files.

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